Annual League

Monthly League Club Competitions 2018-19

  • September: Open
  • October Movement/action.
  • November Mono Open
  • December Best Image of the Year Comp 2018 Open one colour print one mono print one projected image per member.
  • January People
  • February Macro
  • March Animals
  • April Night Photography
  • May POTY


The club will operate the league and other competition during the Year in 4 grades.

The League is a monthly competition from Sept to November and January to April.

Themes for the Annual League Competition will be set prior to the summer break if possible.

The league is a digital competition judged by 2 external judges online.

The Comp Sec will set closing dates for entry to the competition.

Members may bring their entries to club on a memory stick or enter by email or dropbox to mcccompsec(at)

Please replace ”(at)” to @

Images must be correctly sized to enter the competition

2400px on longest side 300dpi and saved at quality 10

4 images per member can be entered.


1st 2nd  & 3rd will be awarded per grade per month

Points awarded for annual league

1st  place 4 points

2nd place 3 points

3rd place  2 points

1 point will be awarded to everyone who enters.


Monthly League Club Competitions 2017-18

Monthly Themes  (closing date)
Sep    Open (13.09)
Oct    Mono 
Nov   Blue
Dec   Beauty in Ugliness
Feb  Emotion  
Mar  Urban Environments 
Apr   Shapes

Monthly League Club Competitions 2016-17

Monthly Themes
Sep    Open
Oct    Autumn
Nov   Faces
Dec   Religion
Jan   People at Work
Feb   Curves
Mar  Triptych
Apr   Spring