Annual League

Monthly League Club Competitions 2020-21

September: “My Homeland”

Images taken in your hometown, townland, or local area. Can include, for example, local people, local landmarks or points of interest, local landscapes or riverscapes, urban landscape or street photography. Images must include some sense of place.

November: “Monochrome”

Images executed in different shades of a single colour, not necessarily black & white. For example, image could include only different shades of blue or green or cyan or sepia, or can be in traditional “black & white”, which is different shades of grey from absolute black to absolute white.

December: “Abstract”:

“One should not only photograph things for what they are but for what else they are.” – Minor White. An abstract image is not a literal representation of a scene or object like a flower, a landscape, or a person which is readily identifiable by the viewer. Instead, it is a way to look at the world creatively, emphasizing the shape, form, tone, colour, texture, pattern, composition, and overall “feel” of the image, rather than simply a visual record of a scene or object. The viewer may be able to identify the subject, or not, – that’s not the point. Even when the subject is identifiable, the abstract photographer strives to show it in a different way than it would ordinarily be seen.

February: “People in Focus”

Images must include people, in any aspect of life or in any setting.

March: “Viewpoint and/or Fill The Frame”

Adult head height is not the only place to take a photograph from. Where can you put your camera and how can you angle it, to create a more interesting image? For a very eye-catching image, fill the frame completely with your subject. Don’t let any background creep in at the edges. Images must include at least one of these approaches. No specific genre.

April: “The Natural World”

Images must include any aspect of the natural world, including for example, landscapes, seascapes, weather, animals, birds, insects, plants, flowers, etc. This will be judged as a nature competition and so must exclude any man-made items.


The club will operate the league and other competition during the Year in 4 grades.

The League is a monthly competition from Sept to November and January to April.

Themes for the Annual League Competition will be set prior to the summer break if possible.

The league is a digital competition judged by 2 external judges online.

The Comp Sec will set closing dates for entry to the competition.

Members may bring their entries to club on a memory stick or enter by email or dropbox

Images must be correctly sized to enter the competition

2400px on longest side 300dpi and saved at quality 10

4 images per member can be entered.

1st 2nd  & 3rd will be awarded per grade per month

Points awarded for annual league

1st  place 4 points

2nd place 3 points

3rd place  2 points

1 point will be awarded to everyone who enters.