Lunar Eclipse Tonight

In just over an hour the Moon will become dimmer and almost red in colour as the Earth moves between it and the Sun. I’ll be outside with my camera but first I did some research on photographing the moon and wrote a post about it on my blog.

If you’re out tonight with your camera, put it on a tripod (and use a remote release if you have one, or the camera timer if not), shoot in manual mode, open the aperture as wide as it’ll go and starting with an exposure of about 1/125sec bracket your shots with faster and slower exposures.

The eclipse is due to begin at 10:44pm, it’s getting foggy here in Blarney unfortunately. Hopefully you’ll have clearer skies in Mallow!

2 thoughts on “Lunar Eclipse Tonight

  1. waiting myself Donncha.It’s 10.10 and it’s very foggy,don’t think we’ll have any luck.Thanks for the tips.Morgan.

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