Mallow Camera Club Image of the Year Competition 2018

Mallow Camera Club Image of the Year Competition 2018

Mallow Camera Club Image of the Year Competition 2018 Results & Awards

The announcement of winners and presentation of prizes for Mallow Camera Club’s Image of the Year Competition took place at a very enjoyable Christmas Dinner & Awards evening in Springfort Hall on Monday 17th December 2018.

Judging for the competition, which took place at our weekly meeting on 10th December, was carried out by well-known and highly-distinguished photographers Ann Frances AIPF, EFIAP/s and Inãki Hernández-Lasa FIPF, FRPS, AFIAP. Ann and Inãki put in a huge effort and did a fantastic job of the judging for us. They each provided precise, clear and definitive commentary, including suggestions for improvement where appropriate, on all the images, which was highly appreciated by all the contestants. Many thanks to Ann and Inãki for their excellent contribution and we look forward to having you back with us in the future.

The event was judged and contestants received their marks for each image on the night of the 10th December. But the announcement of the winners and presentation of prizes was deferred to our social night on 17th December at Springfort Hall, which turned out to be a very enjoyable evening, with entertainment provided by the renowned classical guitarist, Noel Walsh. We were also treated to an excellent presentation by Inãki on his journey in creating his successful panel for Fellowship of the Royal Photographic Society.

MCC’s Image of the Year Competition is divided into three categories, with contestants submitting one image for each category: 1) Colour Print, 2) Mono Print and 3) Projected Image.

MCC members are graded over four grades, with Grade 1 being the beginners/ less-experienced photographers and Grade 4 the most experienced or advanced. Prizes were awarded for each grade across each category of entry. The standard of entries was very high, with a lot of fabulous entries submitted.

And the winners are:

  1. Colour Print:

Grade 1:
3rd Place: Seamus Myers; ‘Motorway’
2nd Place: Kieran Cogan; ‘Yawning Fox’
1st Place: Fred Ward; ‘Zero Faults’

Grade 2:
3rd Place: Marie Kenneally; ‘Hazy Morning’
2nd Place: Eileen Cashman; ‘Tiny Dancer’
1st Place: Lisa Egan; ‘Inverted Beauty’

Grade 3:
3rd Place Justyna Trzesicka; ‘Looking at my Seas’
2nd Place: Pat O’Meara LIPF; ‘Venice’
1st Place: Julia Trzesicka LIPF; ‘Wednesday’

Grade 4
3rd Place: Joy Buckley LIPF; ‘When it Rains’
2nd Place: Viv Buckley AIPF AFIAP; ‘Jump’
1st Place: Janusz Trzesicki LIPF; ‘Power of Women’

Overall Colour Print: Janusz Trzesicki LIPF; ‘Power of Women’.

  1. Mono Print:

Grade 1
3rd Place: Seamus Myers; ‘Cinema’
2nd Place: Fred Ward; ‘Eagle Eye’
1st Place: Phillip Kerins; ‘Hooves’

Grade 2
3rd Place: Marie Kiely; ‘Breton Lighthouse’
2nd Place: Mary O’Sullivan; ‘Vintage Lady’
1st Place: Eileen Cashman; ‘Gabriella’

Grade 3
3rd Place: Vincent Higgins; ‘Spanish Soldier’
2nd Place: Julia Trzesicka LIPF; ‘Innocence’
1st Place: Pat O’Meara LIPF; ‘In a Dream’

Grade 4
3rd Place: Vivi Buckley AIPF AFIAP; ‘The Dance’
2nd Place: Janusz Trzesicki LIPF; ‘Margareth’
1st Place: Paul Tips LIPF; ‘Shoemaker’

Overall Mono Print: Paul Tips LIPF; ‘The Shoemaker

  1. Projected Image:

Grade 1
3rd Place: Phillip Kerins; ‘Pilmore Groynes’
2nd Place: Fred Ward; ‘Christmas Colour’
1st Place: Kieran Cogan; ‘Stag’

Grade 2
3rd Place: Marie Kenneally; ‘I Wish’
2nd Place: Eileen Cashman; ‘Saoirse’
1st Place: Lisa Egan; ‘Just a Slice’

Grade 3
3rd Place: Vincent Higgins; ‘On My Perch’
2nd Place: Julia Trzesicka LIPF; ‘Sarah’
1st Place: Justyna Trzesicka; ‘Dinner Time’

Grade 4
3rd Place: Viv Buckley AIPF AFIAP; ‘Sahara Trail’
2nd Place: Janusz Trzesicki LIPF; ‘Maya’
1st Place: Jim McSweeney LIPF; ‘Just Caught’

Overall Projected Image: Jim McSweeney LIPF; ‘Just Caught’.

Congratulations to all the winners and a big thank you to everyone else who entered. The standard was exceptional, which set the bar quite high to be included among the winners, but which is also a fantastic reflection of the depth of talent in the club.

As Inãki said: “It was a pleasure to visit Mallow Camera Club again, this time to judge their Image of the Year Competition. All across the 3 sections (printed colour, printed monochrome, and projected), the standard of photography was very high with a large variety of subject matter, from seascapes to portraiture, street photography, wildlife and architecture. The quality of the printed work was excellent with the correct media type being chosen and superb presentation of the work. My sincere appreciation to Mallow Camera Club – one of the top clubs in the country where everyone contributes positively to the running of the club, either by setting up equipment, organising and displaying the prints, tracking the scores, bringing food for the event or making sure that everybody feels welcome on the night”.

There is a huge amount of administration in a contest like this. Our Competition Secretary and Competition Assistant Secretary, Viv Buckley and Lisa Egan, did a tremendous job on this, along with choreographing the judging event on the night, with the help of scorekeepers Chris Bourke, Jim McSweeney, Fred Ward and Paul Tips and the print organisers Peggy O’Brien, Neily Curtin and Kieran Cogan. Many thanks to Viv, Lisa and the team and to everyone who contributed to the excellent confectionary and snacks provided on the night of the judging and to everyone who helped organise the awards night at Springfort Hall.

The awards were presented by Ann and Inãki. Again, many thanks to Ann and Inãki for supporting our competition so well.

The following images include some of the action from our judging on 10th December and presentation of awards on 17th December.

Hope you enjoy.

Wishing all our members, families, friends and fellow photographers a Very Happy Christmas and a Peaceful and Healthy New Year.

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