Mallow Camera Club Photography Workshop in Killarney

Members are invited to our practical photography skills workshop which is being held in Killarney on Monday next. Anyone interested in traveling is invited to be at The Arches Bar in Mallow by 10am (if you wish to car share) or meet at Molly Dancy’s Pub at Mucross at 11am. We will be taking pictures on the lakes area, having a bit of craic and doing what we all love. Most of all, we’ll be learning and sharing knowledge about photography.
Bring your camera, tripod, filters and remote shutter release (if you have them), plus anything else that you think might come in handy. The event is going ahead regardless of weather conditions (we have an ‘indoor plan’) so bring rainwear and boots or wells.
We plan to ‘recover’ afterwards in a local hostelry. For more info, contact Aisling O’Connor, Viv Buckley or Bill Power, who are co-ordinating the workshop.

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