MCC Annual League Competition 2018/2019 Overall Results.

MCC Annual League Competition 2018/2019 Overall Results.

The overall winners of our annual League Competition for the 2018/ 2019 season were announced at our weekly meeting on Monday 15th April 2019. The league consists of monthly competitions held from September through April, with each entrant submitting 4 digital entries and the competition being judged by two external judges. The overall winners are those entrants who achieve the highest aggregate scores in each grade, with Grade 4 being most advanced, over all the monthly competitions.

And the overall winners of our 2018/2019 league are as follows:

Grade 4:
1st: Vivien Buckley AIPF AFIAP.
2nd: Jim Mc Sweeney LIPF.
3rd: Vincent Higgins.

Grade 3:
1st: Justyna Trzesicka.
2nd: Pat O’Meara LIPF.
Joint 3rd: Julia Trzesicka LIPF and Lisa Egan.

Grade 2:
1st: Eileen Cashman.
2nd: Marie Kiely.
3rd: Marie Kenneally.

Grade 1:
1st Phillip Kerins.
2nd: Fred Ward.
3rd: Séamus Myers.

Congratulations to all the winners and a huge thank you to all the members who entered the monthly competitions over the course of the season.

A very special thanks to our Competition Secretary, Vivien Buckley, and Assistant Competition Secretary, Lisa Egan, who put in a Trojan effort over the season in managing and administering the competitions and carrying it off so well.

Please enjoy the following selection of images from our winners.