Next MCC Meeting – Gerry Andrews, FIPF – Monday 13 May 2013

The next meeting of Mallow Camera Club will take place on Monday 13 May in the Mercy Centre.  The guest speaker will be Gerry Andrews FIPF.

Gerry is a native of Limerick and his amazing photographs of the Milk Market in Limerick, taken in the late seventies, have been highly acclaimed, and published in a book.

Nowadays Gerry spends much of his time travelling the world photographing what he wants.  As he says himself ‘I don’t know whether I’m a traveller interested in photography or a photographer interested in travel’.

You can see Gerry’s images on his website

In the meantime here’s one from his travels in Peru.  Come along on the night to see more.

Gerry Andrews Photo (web)Photo by Gerry Andrews.