Photographer of the Year Rules

Photographer of the Year Competition 

  • The club POTY competition will be held in May each year.
  • 3 judges will be appointed and at least 2 of the judges should have an AIPF or higher distinction.
  • Members will be allowed to enter the following:
  • Colour prints Open theme: 4
  • Mono prints Open theme: 4
  • Projected images Open theme: 4
  • All images must be submitted to the competition secretaries the week previous to the competition for processing.
  • All images will be sent to the judges by Dropbox pre competition for them to assess before competition, this will include digital copies of any prints entered. Judges will be issued with guidelines for judging.
  • The Judges will be present on the night of judging and will score each of the images out of 20 points.
  • A digital score sheet and a handwritten backup score sheet will be kept on the night of competition.
  • The POTY will be decided by the added scores of each entrants’ top 6 images.
  • A POTY in each grade will be awarded.
  • An overall POTY will be awarded to the member with the highest scoring images on the night. Trophy {Hunky Dory Cup}

Other awards

  • Top scoring 4 mono prints from one entrant- trophy {Film strip trophy}
  • Top scoring colour image- trophy { shield}
  • Grade 1 overall winner-trophy { plaque on a stand} 2nd and 3rd places medals
  • Grade one top scoring image- trophy {golden camera}
  • Grade 2 winner plastic vase trophy 2nd and 3rd medals
  • Grade 3 overall winner 1st 2nd and 3rd places medals
  • Overall best mono image- Gold medal
  • Overall best projected image- Gold medal
  • 1st, 2nd, and 3rd in all grades in colour print, mono print and projected will be awarded medals.
  • An awards dinner will be held later in the year to announce the winners of both the league and POTY.
  • Winning images will be shown at this event.