Presentation of The Peter Slattery Memorial Award to MCC Member Colman Culhane on December 9th 2019

Presentation of The Peter Slattery Memorial Award to MCC Member Colman Culhane on December 9th 2019

At our MCC Annual Dinner on December 9th 2019 in The Springfort Hall Hotel, Rory O Connor from Blarney Camera Club and on behalf of the SACC presented our esteemed colleague Colman Culhane with The Peter Slattery Memorial Award.

Colman has been an active member of our Camera Club for over 30yrs. Colman resides in Millstreet Co. Cork and travels a round trip of 70kms every Monday night to attend our weekly meeting. Colman is a very committed and very popular member of our club. Not long after he joined the club, Colman was elected on to the committee and spent many years holding various key positions including Chairperson, Secretary, Treasurer, Competition Secretary and PRO. Colman didn’t ever believe in doing things by half and always gave 100% of his commitment to each of these posts.

In the past camera clubs throughout the country would each host competitions locally and nationally. Colman was instrumental in organising many of these events throughout the clubs history. Events such as the National Novice Competition (Later changed to the National Shield ) Finals were all held in Mallow over the years, Colman was ever present and was heavily involved in the preparation, organisation and co-ordination of these competitions during this period. One particular highlight was 2011 when Mallow Camera Club won the coveted Rose Bowl.

There have been many personal wins for Colman. His prints and slides always featured on the club panels. He has also won in the ESB Environmental competition and the National Credit Union Competition along with attaining an LIPF Distinction.

Colman has always been a great Club Person he believed that the club is for everyone and is never about any one individual and certainly not about himself. He is always the first up to welcome new members and make each person feel welcome and at home, and helped new members in any way he can.

Colman’s willingness to take on difficult roles and projects and see them through to a successful completion has been an inspiration over many years to all of us in the club. He has shown remarkable patience and tact, and his vast years of experience are still drawn upon. Colman is still a very active photographer and contributor and a very proud member of Mallow Camera Camera Club whom we are all very very proud of. Congrats and well done Colman, this Award was truly deserved.