Tony Worobiec Lecture and Workshop in Mallow

As a follow up to the highly successful lecture by Joe Cornish last October I am now delighted to announce that Mr. Tony Worobiec will be doing a lecture and workshop in Mallow on the weekend 26th/27th February 2010.

Tony is a leading Black and White photographer and an expert in digital black and white printing. He trained as a Fine Artist and headed a large design faculty in Dorset for over 20 years. He has won awards for his work in the UK and internationally. He has exhibited at London’s Barbican Gallery and Bradford’s National Museum of Photography.

His first published project, “Rhythms of the Land” featured monochrome landscapes which focused primarily on the structure of the land and the rhythm it creates. The photographs range from the broad sweeping vistas of the North American landscape to the intimate details of the coastline near his Dorset home.

Whilst Tony steadfastly continues to work with scanned film, he warmly embraces the digital revolution. A regular feature writer for various magazines both here in the UK and the US, he has particularly sought to connect traditional darkroom workers with digital alternatives. He has also recognised that working digitally has opened many new avenues which allow the photographer to explore issues that could not have been contemplated using more traditional methods.

On Friday 26th Tony will be doing a lecture and showing some of his own work and on Saturday 27th he will be hosting a workshop where he will go through the process of converting and printing black and white images.

Cost for lecture (open to all) is 7 Euro and tickets are available at the door.
The workshop on Saturday is limited to 30 and must be pre-booked. The cost of the workshop is 25 Euro.
Lecture and workshop booked together 30 Euro.

More information from John Hooton on 087-2516042 or e.mail (Remove the “NOSPAM” before emailing him)

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