Club By-Laws

By-Law No. 20191103

Mallow Camera Club – hereinafter referred to as MCC – is currently closed to new applications for membership by persons under the age of 18 years of age.  

Currently, the club has one Juvenile member who is 15 years of age who is a Full Member of MCC. In addition, both her parents are also Full Members of MCC.

This By-Law No. 20191103 enables our Juvenile Member to continue to be a Full Member of MCC subject to compliance with the following requirements:

  1. Both of her parents continue to be Full Members of MCC
  2. The Juvenile Member shall always be accompanied by at least one of her parents at all events such as the following:
    • Club Competitions
    • Club Exhibitions
    • Club Outings
    • Club Meetings
    • External Competitions 
    • Training Workshops
    • Model Photo Shoots
    • Both Christmas and Outing Dinners
    • Other events planned by MCC
    • Any external events held by other Camera Clubs and Photographic Societies
    • Any events organised by both the Irish Photographic Federation and the Southern Association of Camera Clubs, etc.

In the event that both her parents are not available to accompany the Juvenile Member at an event, then the Juvenile Member will NOT be permitted by the Committee to attend the event in question.

With the exception of this Juvenile Member, this By-Law No. 20191103 prohibits the acceptance of any other persons who are under the age of 18 years as Full Members, Guest Members,
Temporary Members or Applicant Members of MCC in the future