General Photography

  • Creative Live Live streamed classroom style workshops. Classes can be quite expensive to buy, but they are constantly streaming them for free, and have big discounts in sales to allow you own classes and go at your own pace
  • Adorama TV Great YouTube channel for photography education. Mostly focusing on lighting and portraiture, but there are also general photography tutorials from a large number of great educators
  • Digital Photography School Website with easily digested guides
  • The Art of Photography General photography technique and examinations of the history of photography and great photographers of the past
  • FStoppers General photography news and good tutorials on YouTube, along with a great photo critique series
  • Mike Browne – A great teacher for the fundamentals of photography

Portraiture and Lighting


  • Thomas Heaton While he is not the first landscape photography YouTuber, he is the one who started the trend and format that others have followed
  • Nick Page US based landscape photographer
  • Adam Gibbs – British photographer based in British Colombia International Landscape photographer of the year 2018
  • Alistair Benn He has a different approach to teaching landscape technique, with a focus on light, contrast and colour
  • Mads Peter Iversen Makes great location guides for traveling landscape photographers

Food Photography


Street Photography

  • Sean Tucker Covers street photography, portraiture, and has some great philosophical discussions

Travel Photography



Post Processing