Patterns Around Us Results

Last week’s Patterns Around Us competition was a great success with a good attendance despite the abstract theme. There were a number of categories with winners picked from each category. Members were limited in the number of images they could submit, but as you can see by the results below, some of the same names come up again and again.

Print Colour

  1. Sean Murphy
  2. Morgan O Neill
  3. Karen Fleming

Print Colour Novice

  1. Morgan O Neill
  2. Karen Fleming
  3. Eamonn Looney

Print Black & White

  1. Morgan O Neill
  2. Sean Murphy
  3. Sean Murphy


  1. John Hooton
  2. Jerome Coakley
  3. Brid Coakley

Digital Images

  1. David Lavery
  2. David Lavery
  3. Brid Coakley

Digital Images Novice

  1. Donncha O Caoimh
  2. Paddy Fennessy
  3. Paddy Fennessy

You can find Donncha O Caoimh’s entries on his blog, and other entries will eventually make their way to the gallery here.

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